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We are Canadian marketing & communication freelancers collaborating to multiply our impact & income.


Are you tired of freelancing alone?

It can be challenging to run a freelance business in Canada. While writing, designing, developing, and creating for clients, you need to keep up on social media, organize your finances, and look for your next project!

If you wait for work, sales dry up. But networking and pitching to clients can be scary, especially if you get rejected. 

There is an easier way to run a successful freelance business in Canada. 

We’re building a tribe of trusted Canadian freelancers

Are you a community-minded Canadian writer, developer, designer, digital marketer or other freelancer working in marketing and communication? You've come to the right place!

What if you could help others while helping yourself?

  • Imagine collaborating with freelance marketing and communication professionals to promote each others' work.  
  • Referrals would emerge organically as freelancers who trust you recommend you to people who trust them.
  • Selling could become serving as you tell your clients about skilled colleagues who produce excellent work.

How it works

Canadian freelance marketing and communication professionals:

  • Focus on our strengths to discover our highest-value services
  • Grow our expertise and business systems so we can deliver on our promises
  • Collaborate by referring, co-promoting and co-operating in flexible teams of freelance specialists on higher-value projects. 

When you join the CoLaborNation free network, you can post a profile, find useful information on freelance topics, message other members privately or interact publicly in the news feed. Also, ask and answer questions and post resources for the community. 

CoLaborNation is a safe space to build your ideal freelance life as you focus, grow, and collaborate.

In the Trusted Tribe subscriber community, take your business to the next level with group coaching sessions and freelance resources. Pitch your services to potential clients during monthly Zoom calls. At only $25.99 USD/month, if the Tribe helps you get one more project or work one more billable hour per month, it's more than worth it! 

With other growth-minded freelancers in the Trusted Tribe:

  • Collaborate on projects
  • Discuss challenges and set goals
  • Trade services
  • Give and receive referrals
  • Get introduced to clients

Members of the Trusted Tribe also belong to the free network, but they have their own private space to interact. 

Join the Trusted Tribe 

What Members Are Saying

Being a CoLaborNation Trusted Tribe subscriber is helping me make the transition from a long career in the non-profit world to a freelance photographer and website guy. I am learning how to run a successful freelance business, getting referrals, and collaborating on paid projects with other members. I know that I would not be as far along in this journey if it were not for ColaborNation and what Sandra brings to the group. Having others to bounce ideas around, hear successes and missteps, has been inspiring and motivating to me! I am glad I got involved.
Mark Z., Photographer and Website Developer 

I started working with Sandra Reimer as a freelance marketing assistant in my third year of university during the pandemic. She recognized and fostered my interests and skills, and introduced me to CoLaborNation. The CoLaborNation community helped me build my business as members recommended me to other freelancers who needed my services. As a result of these valuable connections, I confidently decided to be a full-time freelancer—until my primary client offered me a full-time position! Collaborating with experienced freelancers helped me to learn critical hard skills not taught in university. It also affirmed my skills in real work contexts. CoLaborNation is a community that supports and develops freelancers, it is proof that we are stronger together!
Darby M., Digital Marketing Specialist


CoLaborNation founder Sandra Reimer has used the Focus-Grow-Collaborate strategy to run a profitable freelance business for the past 16 years. For five years, she and her husband freelanced together and paid their mortgage, provided for their two kids, and had money to go on vacation.

As a communication strategist, Sandra helps world-changing businesses and non-profits tell their stories. She collaborates with other freelance professionals to produce compelling print and digital communication that sells clients’ products and services. Her fundraising letters and proposals have helped non-profit clients raise millions of dollars to fuel their missions. Prior to freelancing, Sandra was a Community Relations and Volunteer Coordinator for a non-profit. As a social entrepreneur, Sandra cares about the earth, earthlings, and earning.

Whether she is coaching a sports team, hosting a games night or leading a webinar series for a client, Sandra gathers and connects diverse people for mutual benefit. Recognizing their uniqueness, she invites individuals to contribute and combine their superpowers to amplify their results. Sandra inspires and challenges people to take courageous action and celebrates with them every step of the way. Unsatisfied with just talking about good ideas, Sandra creates practical and mental structures that remove barriers to progress.

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